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rainmetalroof's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in rainmetalroof's LiveJournal:

Thursday, February 24th, 2005
3:26 am
we search forever only to find
the same ends to everyroad
bodies close, thoughts even closer
touch on a touch in
memories are all thats left in this story
that ends in fake smiles, and empty conversations
i watched the sun rise that morning
as i died inside of you
as we fell apart...
as we fell, we search
to find the same end to everyroad
with every morning the shadows return
to haunt me with my own thoughts
i justed wanted to be okay but know ill keep
it with me.

Something from a new beginning
maybe one day we will find all the truths we have looked for, for so long
after the fires have stopped and life has broken us in half.
we crawl from the ashes and reach for the sky
and finally learn from the past

one day we will be okay again
Friday, June 25th, 2004
12:04 pm
displaced and youth shattered
yep i havent taken anytime out to update this, it becomes time consuming, and when i do finally sit, its like i dont feel like typing, but today, the comp for some reason wont let me check my email, so i decide just to check this out, and maybe type something. but man gone through alot of shit in the past couple of months, went out to georgia, and had all my friends arrested!!! f*ck*n cops!!! so for awhile i was all by myself in scary georgia, with pyscotic cops and highly steriod army subhumans driving around hunting civilians with their armored humvees and submachineguns. seriosly, check out>>> www.atlanta.indymedia.org. So the stay in georgia was longer then expected, and the last of my friends is geting out, well got out yesterday. And we are trying to pick up where we left off. and we are still heading up to the RNCin NYC and i heard Left Over Crack will be playing their last show during this time, which is a must to check out and would be a plus during the evnt we are attending. NO FUCKING AROUND!
And I hope we dont get arrested down there, that would really suck. But the chances are, when your dealing with paranoid, shicsophrenic,underpaid, heavly armored, bipolar,aggresive, hot, bored, cops on powertrips, you expect something like that might occur.
But really its all an intimidation tactic to scare people back in thier place,to not come out, and if that doesnt work, well they'll just beat you.
YEAH SO UMMM..... what else is new?
Monday, May 10th, 2004
4:55 am
here i sit down and cry inside
Spider Records jsut closed its doors, today. But some good shows over the few months. Some body dropped off two bikes off behind my space, and i found two children's bikes in da trash. "Fuck you capitalist society, you to stupid and weak to live free, and you always keep on hoarding more then you need, hoping to be feed,to feel that need for something, having what you have never enough of, feeling empty because you cant even contain what you have inside, overconsumption to the piont of starvation? IS that even PossIBle?" Fuck what you fukin think, fucked up educational process,noW your fuking slow,your perception screwed always underthe influence. constant craving of hunger"
growing like 10 watermelon plants, 5 are still sprouting, and i have two that are flowering,ones a minature, 2 out of my compost!! My fuckin strawbverriws are growing. a strawberry fully grew, but was eaten by snails before i had a cahnce to pick it, keeping it just a little bit longer because the beauty of it. My tomatoes would have been fully grwon but somebody stole my shit, my cucmbers, squash, sage and lemon balm. FucKing LandLorD!!! My Food Is Not Your Rent, So Fuck off!! But The Plants Will Always Thrive NoMatter Who Tries To cut them Down.
listening to casste found onthe street, fuckin bad ass mix, Lukers, Fword, Kaos,ouch step away......it doesnt hurt but its a classic. The morning is rising and its raining out side, and i crushed a sanil on the way through the door.

I was Just Pulled away from everyting
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
3:39 am
on with the trend
yeah so i put this togheter just to put this toigheter, nobody provbaly no who this is, if you found this reply let me know that you did. its raining on and off outside and it gets really loud.wow man and tomoroow is going to be a long day. Going to buy some fruit. oh shit it just started to rain once agian. A free haircut today a very nice one at that. Thank You Cool Girl. ill get you back.but now there is hair allover my back, and now i have to take a f*uckin shower, oh well it was bound to happen anyWAY.
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